The Voice of Justice

24 hour hotline 1 800 621 8551

education • advocacy • support


The Voice of Justice serves children and families by providing a one stop service center for all their service needs:, health, education, advocacy, and support. The Voice of Justice is an advocate agency and full service organization for special needs children and their families, victims of domestic violence; and/or child abuse.

The Voice of Justice empowers families, educates the community and advocates for children through leadership, training and resources, organizing media events, press conferences, daily blogs, and Facebook email networks.


The Voice of Justice was founded in 1990 as a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation, by Mark Meyer Appel as a social justice organization which advocates for children and their families in the areas of special needs, domestic violence, child abuse, personal assault, child poverty hunger and health care. The Voice of Justice reaches beyond religious, ethnic, and ideological divisions, and unites communities for the purpose of improving our social justice system for future generations.


The President of The Voice of Justice, Mark Meyer Appel has dedicated his life to public service. Mr. Appel has been a champion for children. He is the founder of CHAPS Community Heath and Protective Services, a Primary Care Diagnostic and Treatment Center for children with special needs and their families; the founder of a NYS Early Intervention Center, and has been involved in the HHC Asthma Program to reduce the asthma incidence for low income NYC children. Mark Meyer Appel has served on both the NYC Mayoral Mental Health Advisory Board and the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation Mayoral Advisory Board, appointed by the honorable mayor of the City of New York.


The Voice of Justice presently provides:
  • 24 Hour hotline for victims of domestic and child abuse
  • Emergency housing for victims of abuse safe house prior to court
  • Linkages to attorneys and legal aid
  • Linkages to mental health professionals
  • Legislative initiatives
  • Speakers bureau
  • Preventive care
  • Linkages to rehabilitative services for families and children
  • Educational seminars provided to communities


The Voice of Justice will open a 5,000 sq ft Community Resource Room for victims and their families and the families of offenders on September 2, 2012 at 1894 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY.


The Voice of Justice sponsors public community events bringing survivors of abuse together to celebrate holidays. Through public awareness campaigns such as Facebook, Twitter, and the sale of tee shirts The Voice of Justice engages in fundraising. The Voice of Justice has many volunteers in both New York and Florida.